Custom property in Cyprus

Completed custom property in CyprusMany buyers are forsaking the developers and building custom properties designed and built to their own individual requirements.

They first buy land and then have their new home designed by an architect and built by a registered contractor. In this gallery you'll find a photographic diary of the building of my custom home from start to finish.

Built of concrete and brick, I hope this these will give you a better appreciation of the way Cyprus properties should be built. Hopefully, they'll give you look out for when inspecting your potential new home.

I've organised the photos to show the different phases of construction. Click on the menu to the left, or any of the photos below, to go to the appropriate gallery.

Image gallery showing the construction of a custom property in Cyprus

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Photo gallery 1 - Site preparation & footings

Gallery 1. Site Preparation & Footings

Marking out the plot, excavating the footings and erecting the rebar for the sub-ground foundation columns and ground beams that will support the property.

Photo Gallery 2 - Cyprus villas ground beams & floor slab

Gallery 2. Ground beams & floor slab

Erecting the wooden shuttering, pumping the concrete sub-ground beams and floor slab and completion of the foundations.

Photo gallery 3 - Concrete skeleton

Gallery 3. Concrete Skeleton

Erecting the wooding shuttering for the reinforced columns, walls and ceiling; completing the reinforced concrete skeleton.

Gallery 4 - Cyprus villas brickwork & roof

Gallery 4. Brickwork & Roof

Laying the brickwork, constructing and tiling the wooden roof. Note that the roofs of properties in Cyprus can be sheathed in marine grade plywood or OSB before the roofing felt, battens and roof tiles are fixed in place. The custom roof tiles are green and were made as a single batch to prevent colour variation.

Gallery 5 - The villas mechanical engineering works

Gallery 5. Mechanical Engineering Works

Installing the mechanical engineering equipment including the custom under-floor central heating system and boiler, water pressurising system, water softener and solar heating systems.

Gallery 6 - External works (patio, walls, etc)

Gallery 6. External Works

Laying the patio, fixing the decorative stonework and finishing the exterior walls of the property with the acrylic finish 'Graffiato'.

Gallery 7 - Cyprus villas internal works & completion

Gallery 7. Internal Works

Internal carpentry, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms. Final touches and my new home in Cyprus is ready to move in.