Luxury properties in Cyprus

Luxury properties in CyprusI was once asked the question "Why are all the new villas and apartments in Cyprus advertised as 'luxury properties'?" I replied "Because if the developer can sell them to unsuspecting expatriates, he'll be able to retire in luxury!".

Although many new properties are indeed luxurious, many are not! You will hear many horror stories about cowboy builders and poor building work. To give you some idea of the things you should be looking out for here is my 'Rogues Gallery'.

Don’t automatically assume that the bigger developers are better than the smaller companies. Some of the so-called luxury properties shown here were built by one of the largest developers in Paphos. A senior director of the company wrote to me saying that "the excellent reputation of his company had been earned through hard work and consistent integrity". I'll make no comment - I'll let the photographs speak for themselves.

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Photo gallery 1 - Cyprus luxury properties with damp

Gallery 1. Rising & penetrating damp

Damp are the most common problem I've seen with badly constructed property. And it's not always due to poorly fitting windows and doors!

New properties are built with inadequate damp proofing and patios are sometimes laid incorrectly allowing rainwater to collect at the base of the walls leading to rising damp.

Photo gallery 2 - Typical construction faults

Gallery 2. Typical construction faults

Holes in concrete, water directed into properties due to incorrect grading, and early signs of structural failure.

It's a very good idea to stay in Cyprus while your home is being built to follow progress and highlight any construction faults to the developer. If this is not possible, get an independent architect or structural engineer to monitor build quality on your behalf.

Photo gallery 3 - Collapsing retaining walls

Gallery 3. Collapsing Retaining Walls

Properties are sometimes built with reinforced concrete retaining walls to prevent the subsoil under the property moving.

Unfortunately, as this set of photos clearly shows, these retaining walls are not built correctly and they start to collapse.

Failing retaining walls can have disastrous consequences for those living in affected properties as you will see from these photos taken of properties in Pissouri, Chlorakas and Peyia.

Photo gallery 4 - Collapsing luxury properties

Gallery 4. Collapsing properties

Many properties in Cyprus are built on a concrete raft or float. If the subsoil is not correctly compacted, or if the reinforced float has not been constructed correctly, foundations can move with disastrous consequences.

Further problems arise due to the lax enforcement of planning regulations. With building land in prime locations in short supply, houses are built on landfills and other areas liable to subsidence.

Photo gallery 5 - Impending disasters

Gallery 5. Properties in imminent danger

Unlike the UK, home owners have no right to appeal against planning decisions.

Popular areas are heavily overbuilt and the construction of even more luxury properties can cause severe problems for those already living in the area.