Properties in imminent danger

Home in Cyprus facing an impending disasterBuilding land in areas of Cyprus that are popular with expatriate home buyers is in short supply.

As a consequence, property developers build in areas that are totally unsuitable - such as areas prone to flooding as shown on the right. They will also demolish roads and sometimes even take parts of existing home owners gardens. The more properties they can build, the more money they can make.

Developers will also start construction work before they have been granted the necessary planning and building permits. So even if the authorities were to reject planning applications, by the time they get to see the plans it is often too late.

Luxury Properties in Cyprus: In imminent danger

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Flooded 'luxury properties' in Paphos

Let us build your dream

This is what the 'For Sale' board says for this development in Paphos and the artist's impressions make it look quite look quite attractive. But built in an area liable to flooding in the winter rains, the reality is somewhat different!

I hope the people buying in this development bring their wellies and a canoe!

Living on the edge in Pissouri

This one's next

This house, perched on the edge of a precipice is in imminent danger of collapse - the fence and half the garden have already disappeared.

This problem has been caused by the property developer as he has sliced away the hillside in order to build more homes.

Development of 'luxury properties' in Trimithousa

Where's my road gone?

Isn't it a bit strange to build half a road and leave it in mid air?

Not in the Paphos village of Trimithousa where the property developer building more houses on the left of the photo decided the road was getting in his way!

Living on the edge in Paphos

Where's my garden gone

Here we see the property developers at work on another of their man made disasters. The owners of the house in this photo arrived to find the developer had taken away their road and their garden.

The authorities appear unwilling to intervene to protect existing property owners from overdevelopment.