Collapsing properties

Collapsing homeMany of the luxury properties in Cyprus are constructed on a reinforced concrete float (or slab). The idea behind this is that in the event of an earthquake, the house will remain intact.

Before the concrete float is poured, the ground is levelled, compacted and a layer of grey chippings is added and rolled to provide a firm base (you can see the grey chippings in the photograph on the right).

In popular expatriate areas such as Paphos, where suitable building land is at a premium, developers resort to in-filling storm water ditches and rainwater gullies to increase available building land with disastrous consequences!

Some developers even build properties on unstable land composed of bentonite and melange landslides. These clays absorb huge amounts of water, expanding by as much as 15 times their original volume and shrinking back as they dry out. The extreme forces exerted as they expand and contract wreak havoc on to properties built on them.

Luxury Properties in Cyprus: In a state of collapse

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Collapsed balconies at Chloraka

Collapsing balconies

These collapsed balconies belong to properties in the Chloraka Sunset development in Paphos District. They collapsed because the retaining wall shown on the previous page, failed.

The owners have been battling the developers for 17 years to fix the problems. Their story continues on the 'Chloraka Sunset website'.

'Luxury properties' built with no foundations

Built on in-filled drainage ditch

This luxury home and the one in the following photo have been built on an in-filled drainage ditch.

When it rained heavily, the garden was washed away along with the soil beneath the patio causing it to collapse.

More 'luxury properties' built with no foundations

Another collapsed patio

Here's another luxurious home built a few metres from the property above. As the house has no proper foundations, the winter rains have washed away the soil under the property's patio and garden.

Three collapsed Cyprus properties

Collapsed home

Many expatriate home buyers want a 'stunning view' and Pissouri certainly has them in abundance.

Just look at these 'luxury properties'! But don't they seem a bit quiet

That's because the properties have been abandoned. Built by cowboys, they were built on land susceptible to landslides and have slipped. The the road in front of them has almost completely disappeared.