Problems due to poor construction

Faults during constructionDue to the differing levels of skill and professionalism employed by those involved in property development, the quality of construction varies greatly.

Don't assume that bigger is better; the size of a company is no guarantee that its luxury properties are of an acceptable quality. If you are buying off-plan, it is essential that you thoroughly inspect completed projects as well as those under construction.

When viewing older properties, use the inspection guide provided on pages 59 - 69 of my ultimate property guide and speak with their owners to get their view of the developer and the quality of his workmanship.

As you will see in the photos below, some property cut corners to reduce their costs. Often, the resulting problems do not become apparent for several years.

Luxury Properties in Cyprus: Built by cowboys - and it shows

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Wrongly graded patio

Incorrect grading

Patios and balconies should be constructed so that rainwater runs away from the building. In this photo you can clearly see the brown stain where the water has collected on the patio. This water can seep under the house and result in rising damp as shown in gallery 1.

In the worst case, the water will undermine the foundations and lead to structural damage.

A luxury home with voids in the concrete

Who forgot to compact the concrete?

Concrete should be compacted as it is poured to remove voids. The developer constructing this property obviously 'forgot'. Do you think a few pieces of rebar can hold up the roof?

Luxry Cyprus apartment solar water heater

Solar water heater

Solar water heating systems are common in Cyprus. But for some reason, the property developer building this particular block of apartments has put the solar heating system in the shaded area of the roof space. What an idiot!

Luxury home structural failure

Structural problem caused by exposed rebar

Some 'luxury properties' are left with rebar protruding from their flat concrete roofs. (see yellow line). This rebar rusts, allowing water to penetrate the superstructure. As it rusts it expands, causing the concrete to crack (see red lines) and eventually flake off.

This problem is very expensive to rectify. It requires the damaged concrete to be removed, the steel reinforcing cleaned and protected, and the surface re-rendered and re-decorated.

A flooded Cyprus villa


This property been flooded as a result of poor plumbing work. If you look at the larger picture, you can clearly make out the marks on the edges of the balcony where the water's run off.

If you look closely you can also see the poor build quality and finish on the walls.