My personal guarantee

My personal guaranteeLet me assure you that I have absolutely no connection whatsoever with any companies or organisations associated with the buying, selling or building of property in Cyprus (or anywhere else for that matter).

I'm financially independent, and what extra income I get comes from people clicking on the Google ads on this website and from sales of my book.

I give you my personal guarantee that the information & advice contained in this website and my Ultimate Property Guide is truly independent. It results from over 20 years of research into the Cyprus property market plus more than 10 years of helping literally 100s of buyers plus the insider knowledge gained through my personal experiences of buying property and building my present home in Cyprus.

Nigel Howarth

A word of warning

You will find a lot of information on the Internet, in magazines and on the television about buying property in Cyprus. Much of this comes from companies marketing overseas property, property developers, real estate agents, financial services companies, Cyprus law firms, etc.

Please be aware that as these individuals and companies make their money by selling property, the information and advice they provide is not always as accurate, objective and unbiased as you may wish.