TV appearances

Melissa Porter on TVI've featured in a couple of TV programs; one with property guru Melissa Porter and another with Amy Garcia.

Melissa Porter is an independent property and relocation expert and appears in many TV programs giving advice to would-be overseas property buyers. Melissa interviewed me about why I chose to have my home custom designed and built rather than buying it from a property developer.

Amy Garcia was presenting a program for Overseas Property TV, which is part of the MRI empire.

I've included some clips from the programs below. They are still being broadcast in the UK and you can also watch them on the Internet.

As the programs are a couple of years old, some of the information is out of date. However, I suggest you watch them - and make a point of listening to Melissa's advice, which is just as important today as it was when the program was made.

The Nigel Howarth TV Interviews

Lifestyle TV programs are still very popular in the UK. If you have satellite channels 279 and 287, you can watch the full versions the programs I feature in; they are repeated quite regularly.

Interview with Melissa Porter

During the interview, I say:

"We had very strong ideas & thoughts about what we wanted in our home"..."40% to 50% cheaper than buying from a property developer"..."we get better quality"

The interview lasts two and a half minutes.

Melissa's advice

"the key to a successful purchase is good independent legal advice and it's very, very important that the advice is independent. So do steer well clear of using the developers solicitor"

The video lasts for one minute.

Interview with Amy Garcia

Amy Garcia, the shows presenter, and I had a discussion about the Cyprus property market as well as some of the reasons why my wife & I chose to live in Cyprus.

The interview lasts four minutes.

You can also listen to my radio interviews and round-table discussions on Cyprus' national radio.