Mechanical engineering works

Custom property construction: mechanical engineering worksOnce the brickwork and roof have been completed, work can start on the inside of the property.

Central heating is an absolute must to keep I opted to have an LPG fired underfloor heating system. In my home, which has been custom built, I decided against radiators due to the large room sizes - an underfloor system provides an even heat throughout the property and no need for rugs in the winter.

I sub-contracted this work to a specialist mechanical engineering company based in Limassol. And since taking delivery of the property some years ago, I've had no problems.

Custom property in Cyprus: mechanical engineering works

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aerated concrete screed

Aerated concrete screed

When the electricians and plumbers have finished their ‘first fit’, a screed of aerated concrete is poured over the concrete slab. This insulated the heating system, helping to reduce its running costs. Once set, the concrete looks like a bar of aero and is so light, it floats on water.

Underfloor heating system

Underfloor heating system

The first stage of installing the underfloor heating system is to lay a mat of insulating styrofoam into which the pipes carrying the water are fitted. The pipes are laid in continuous lengths from a manifold and they are specially made for the job and armoured in aluminium to prevent the risk of any damage.

concrete screed over the underfloor heating system

Final concrete screed

Once the underfloor heating pipework has been installed, a final screed of concrete is poured. This provides a radiant panel for heating system heating system and a fixing surface for the floor finishes.

Central heating boiler & expansion tank

Central heating boiler and expansion tank

This is where all of my heating and water treatment systems are kept. The red box is the boiler with the LPG gas-burner at its base. The red sphere is the system’s expansion tank. You can also see the electrical switchgear mounted on the wall behind. Depending on the size of your property, you may be able to use a smaller wall-mounted boiler.

Culligan water softener & water pressurising system

Culligan water softener and Davey water pressurising system

The two vertical beige columns on the right are the Culligan water softener and the Davey water pressuring system, both of which are widely available in Cyprus. Apart from drinking water and a supply to the garden, all the water in my property goes through the Culligan softener. The blue/green object on the wall is the water filter that removes iron and particles from all the incoming water.

Solahart water heater

Solahart water heater

Seen on the roof of virtually all properties in Cyprus is a solar water heater. They provide free hot water all year round. Mine is made in Australia by Solahart. Like the other equipment, this was supplied and fitted by a specialist mechanical engineering company based in Limassol.