Concrete skeleton

Custom property construction: Concrete SkeletonOnce the ground beams and floor slab that make up the foundations of the property have been completed, work can start on the concrete skeleton.

This forms a framework made up of of reinforced vertical columns, horizontal beams and a roof. The skeleton provides a rigid framework for the property - and all properties in Cyprus, regardless whether they are custom built or to a standard design, must comply with strict Government anti-seismic regulations.

The structural engineer, who is responsible for designing the structural elements of the property, uses a computer model to assess the impact of seismic events on the building. These are submitted along with other documentation for the planning and building permits applications.

Custom property in Cyprus: concrete skeleton

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column formwork

Column formwork

The method used to hold the column formwork in place varies. Some are secured by a series of steel clamps at regular vertical intervals while others are secured by series of steel pins that are clamped to running up either side of the formwork.

concrete columns

Concrete columns

After the concrete columns have been poured, vibrated, cured and the formwork removed, the property looks a bit like Stonehenge or one of the many ancient Greek and Roman sites that can be found scattered throughout Cyprus!

ceiling formwork

Ceiling Formwork

Once the concrete columns have cured, work starts on erecting the formwork for the ceiling. Like the wooden formwork for the property, the reinforcing steel is custom made on site.

Steel reinforcing in the ceiling

Ceiling Steel Reinforcing

As the formwork nears completion, reinforced steel is inserted and tied into place. The electrician has positioned the equipment for the ceiling lights and fans and the plumber has made provision for the pipe-work in the loft space. You can see the plumbing works on the mechanical engineering page.

The completed concrete skeleton

Concrete Skeleton Completed

Once the roof has been poured and the formwork removed, the reinforced concrete skeleton of my property is complete.