External works

Custom property construction: external worksIn parallel with the mechanical engineering work Andreas, my contractor, (see him in the photo on the right) makes a start on the external work by laying the patio.

I chose and bought whatever fixtures, fittings and finishes I wished and Andreas fitted them. In Cyprus, this gives the custom property buyer a huge amount of choice and provides him with a much greater degree of control over his budget and eventual spend.

The external works include some more damp proofing, laying the patio, putting a decorative stone finish around the windows, applying a graffiato finish to the exterior walls, etc.

Custom property in Cyprus: external works

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external damp proofing

External damp proofing

Before laying the patio, the joint between the external walls of the property and the patio area are waterproofed. This job is vital as it stops rainwater penetrating the walls and prevents rising damp. An inclined 'wedge' of cement is applied to the patio and then waterproofed to ensure that any water flows away from the base of the walls.

decorative stone finish around windows

Decorative stonework around windows

I chose a decorative Cyprus stone called 'Karistou' and this is being used on the arches as a decorative surround on some of my windows and patio doors. Keeping it in place is quite a challenge! Karisou is a crystalline stone and comes from the Troodos range of mountains in the centre of Cyprus.

Laying the patio

Laying the patios

The patio stone is also 'Karistou'. Laying it in a random pattern isn't the easiest of jobs. But the stonework must be sealed to prevent water penetration. (I did this with a special sealant after the builders had left).

Applying the Graffiato exterior wall finish

Graffiato exterior wall finish

The exterior walls have a 'graffiato' finish. This is a flexible, acrylic-based material designed to cope with the climatic conditions. Graffiato is very popular and long-lasting finish, and is maintenance free.

steel railings on the garden wall

Steel railings & gates

These are custom made off-site and delivered in a grey primer. Once they've been fitted and painted, they will require to be repainted every 3 or 4 years.