Cyprus property price guide

price guideCyprus property prices are governed by cost and demand. Increases in costs are due to rises in the salaries of skilled labour and the price of construction materials. (See Accounting for Price Variations).

Indicative prices for new property are presented in the tables below. (Note that those planning to build a custom home will need to add the cost of the land). The cost of building a custom property will vary according to the location, the complexity of the design, ground conditions and various other factors.

Approximate prices of new property in Cyprus


Chart: Cyprus Property Price Guide

Please note that in some areas, the price of a new property can exceed € 5,000/m2

Some developers offer guaranteed rental returns of 15% per annum for the first two years and I've seen one developer giving away cars to property investors.

Needless to say the cost of these 'incentives' has been factored into the selling price!

If you are thinking of investing, remember to negotiate hard.
There are a lot of deals to be had if you are persistent!