Essential websites

Essential websitesIf you are buying property in Cyprus, the links below will take you to websites where you will find information about such things as immigration procedures, taxation, importing your car, getting electricity, telephone connections, and other essential information.

Cyprus Government and Government Departments

Cyprus Government web portal - Entry point for all the Cyprus government departments and services, information about Cyprus, immigration, employment, etc.

Ministry of the Interior - Lands and Surveys Department, Planning System and District Administration pages.

Customs and Excise - All you need to know about bringing your personal belongings into the Republic of Cyprus.

Statistical Service - Figures and statistical information on just about every aspect of Cyprus, including the construction industry.

Office of the Coordinator for (EU) Harmonisation - Information concerning Cyprus’ EU harmonisation process and information about European programmes and policies.

Ministry of Health - Information on activities, departments and on the promotion, prevention and protection of health (and how to obtain a medical card).

Cyprus Consumers Association - Consumer rights and protection.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - The promotion of the political, economic, cultural and other interests of the Republic of Cyprus abroad.

Ministry of Justice & Public Order - Information about the role and the responsibilities of the Ministry and its Departments as well as information on the recent activities of the Ministry. Click to view 9-page leaflet about Legal Aid in Cyprus.

Legal Aid in Cyprus - questions & answers about legal aid in Cyprus provided by the European Commission.

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UK Government in Cyprus

The British High Commission in Nicosia - News, services provided and useful information such as lists of English-speaking law firms operating in different towns.

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Cyprus Bar Association - Information, contact telephone numbers, district officers, directory of members. Depending on service required, you may need to register.

The Laws of Cyprus - Downloadable e-book “Introduction to Cyprus Law” covering the legal aspects of owning property together with updates following EU accession.

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Cyprus Utilities

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus - Information, services, tariffs, and a downloadable form for service provision.

CYTA (Telephone Company) - Information, services, tariffs, on-line directories, service orders, broadband availability, etc.

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News and Media

The Cyprus Property News - Latest  market news, information, events, and news articles for Cyprus property buyers and real estate investors (in English).

The Cyprus Mail - Daily newspaper published in English. News, events and happenings.

The Cyprus Weekly - Weekly English language newspaper

Financial Mirror - Daily English newspaper focussing on business and finance.

The World of Cyprus - Streaming audio and video from Cyprus, including a daily news video broadcast in English by the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation.

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Tax information - Taxation information by Price Waterhouse Coopers, facts, figures and guides on Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, etc.

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