Selling a Communal Property with debts

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Max 56
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Selling a Communal Property with debts

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How can a property owner on communal village/estate sell their property without either buyer or sellers solicitors contacting a the residents/management committee. A property has been sold which has Title Deeds but also has a lot of unpaid communal fees owed. How does a new owner know what they have to pay in charges and what is their responsibility regarding the property i.e. decorating, communal pools, gardens, lighting.

If anyone has had this situation on a communal estate what can you do legally in Cyprus to recover owed funds and can solicitors legally do this?

Many thanks.
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Re: Selling a Communal Property with debts

Post by Pantheman »

The buyer's lawyer is totally at fault, for not ensuring his client is buying a debt free property. If it were me I would make him pay it if I had bought a property like that.
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Re: Selling a Communal Property with debts

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Hi Max 56

Pantheman's hit the nail on the head - incompetent lawyer!

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