Is our solicitor actually a solicitor!

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Is our solicitor actually a solicitor!

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I have emailed our solicitor recently with several questions concerning paying off our loan (mortgage) in Cyprus early, the procedure when the title deeds are ready from the developers and at what stage the developers have to pay off their mortgage on the land our complex is built on. On each occasion she has replied that she can't advise me as she is not an expert, that someone will need to look at all the documents and that as she was not dealing with the bank for our loan she cannot help.

Surely, as a solicitor she should be able to give legal advice and tell us the procedure when title deeds are issued and the developers have a mortgage? Do you think we are dealing with someone who isn't a proper solicitor? The office title on her emails says "advocates and legal consultants" but I'm not convinced that she knows what she's doing. Should we be trusting what she tells us when the deeds do become available?!!
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Re: Is our solicitor actually a solicitor!

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Hi Cobweb

You can check whether the lawyer is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association by checking her name on their list of members at ... n/advocate

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