Swimming pool regulations

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Swimming pool regulations

Post by Susan » 16 May 2014 16:51

Hi Nigel

We have a communal pool shared by 20 units. We have just received a letter from our developer saying they have received an official letter from the Paphos District Admin office stating that we need to apply for an "Operation License" for the communal pool and principally need to appoint a lifeguard for whenever the pool is open. We have 14 days to respond or the pool will be closed down. Have you any update on the regulations as the only posts I can find are a number of years old. Many thanks.

Nigel Howarth
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Re: Swimming pool regulations

Post by Nigel Howarth » 16 May 2014 20:55

Hi Susan

Unfortunately the swimming pool regulations have not changed. It's about time they did - I have a newspaper article from 2005 complaining about them.


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Re: Swimming pool regulations

Post by Tom » 24 May 2014 21:07

Hi Susan/Nigel
May be able to throw a bit of light on this one.
Our Property Developer is not very forthcoming with information re Final Certificate (we do not have title deeds)
I therefore visit the Municipality frequently to find out the position from their point of view. On my last visit, a couple of weeks ago, an addition to the items I knew were outstanding was, our Property Developer had to apply for an: APPLICATION FOR A LICENCE TO OPERATE A SWIMMING POOL. LAW OF 1992 and 1996. (This is required before the Final Certificate will be issued)
Have made a few enquires since from non government sources and established:
As suggested the law was introduced in 1992 and updated 1996
The form consists of nine pages of questions (form available from Municipality)
As Susan says the main question is: Name of person responsible for health and safety (Life Guard)
Also required is: Details Of Person Operating The Pool
As I understand it the 'Lifeguard' requirement can be satisfied with a sign by the pool saying 'No Lifeguard On Duty. In Emergency Telephone........... (Lifeguards Tel Number)
You will need to be registered with a local pool company that has sufficient Certified Lifeguards on their books. ( I hope I have got this right)
Would suggest this area needs more research by all of us to try and clarify the situation.

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