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Selling in Larnaca District

Posted: 27 Apr 2011 21:15
by LadieGolfer
Hi, We are selling a 2 bed apartment, new build. The Larnaca Estate Agent we spoke to want 5% Fee. We think this is high? Can anyone help? Is this the typical fee in Cyprus? Does anyone recommend an agent in Larnaca.
Many Thanks.

Re: Selling in Larnaca District

Posted: 28 Apr 2011 15:42
by Nigel Howarth
Hi LadieGolfer and welcome to the forum,

5% (+VAT) is the going rate for registered estate agents. If you are looking to sell, I suggest you post some private advertisements on the 'free' boards - take a look at Angloinfo at - if you have no success, then start looking for an agent.