20 agents? no results? 5 years? clean family share? title in process?

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20 agents? no results? 5 years? clean family share? title in process?

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Hi, I have made non-excusive agreements with like 15-20 agents both in Cyprus, few UK/Cyprus based too. I also offer it at the official (and old by now) evaluation price plus I say its negotiable. Ok I dont have title deeds but they are at final stage in land registry (for ever at that stage though due to bureocracy). It is a clean family share that has no risks according to an article written by Antonis Loizou Realty years ago as family shares are old shares and also its clean of bank obligations and one cn always use their own lawyer to check what we say....

And still, no buyer?

I am realy surprised. Cause distant relatives sold house in a place in Greece, it took like few months to find buyer and then a few more to sort paperwork and it was done. .

After 5 years of having it on sale ,advertising it, keeping price low and negotiable, I have not even interest. The location is kind of ok, its officially part of the Limassol municipality, near New Port at the borders with Zakaki and highly trafficed road means commercial value which my sister used for 15 years to keep her English institute there.

But I really dont get. I used to have it without tenants 'ready for sale' with clean family share and ongoing process (that can be checked by any buyer) in the land registry for title seperation. Now we are very near the final title, but still I am afraid i will wait another 5 years for the first buyer who is serious.

I do not know if iM doing something wrong, or if the market is dead despite what articles say recently. I work with 15 real estate agents, a few have rejected my property saying ''its too old'' but nobody so far said anything about location. Location is very good compared to others, so I dont get, if its old building I can understand the reluctancy, but the price reflects that plus the title-in-due-issue (now at very final stage), so I still get no interest.
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