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Land registry forms

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We have a property in Liopetri which is currently without title deeds. Unfortunately the developer went bust without putting any road, pavement or street lighting in so I understand unless we club together with the other home owners to pay for these then we are unlikely to get our title deeds.
We have however been told that we can still sell "without title deeds" but need to check that there is no mortgage on the land which predates the date our contract was filed at the Land Registry (23/04/2007), otherwise we would need a bank waiver (for which the bank will want a sum paying) I have tried searching the Land Registry website but all the applications are in Cypriot not English and despite using a translation app I am not sure which is the correct form. I am trying to get a form for "Copies of certificates of mortgage or charge" Please does anyone have a word copy of the correct form plus an idea of the current filing fee please.
p.s. I know I will need a solicitor to deal with any sale in due course but trying to do as much as I can before we take next step. Cannot go back to original solicitor for help/advice (Andrew Klydes!!!).
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Re: Land registry forms

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Hi mumontour32 and welcome to the forum

You can find an English translation of the Greek language application Form N.50 you'll need at New title search procedures in Cyprus.

Now the cat's out of the bag with all the Title Deed problems, I feel you'll be very lucky to find a buyer.

(I wrote an article yesterday that includes information about the 'notes' problems at Title Deeds backlog reducing.)

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