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euro accounts

Posted: 04 Jul 2018 02:38
by HappyCamper
this seems attractive at first sight

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any experiences to share would be welcome


Re: euro accounts

Posted: 04 Jul 2018 11:02
by Nigel Howarth
Hi happercamper

There are many money transfer companies - I suggest you investigate each to see which of them offers the best for your specific circumstances.


i was not advertising

Posted: 23 Jul 2018 01:44
by HappyCamper
what i am looking at is not an fx transfer - it is a euro bank account

now - this link is not an advert it is a review


the debit card makes the difference I think

if I can avoid opening a cypriot bank account I will


any experiences would be welcome by private messaging to avoid the self appointed censor

Re: euro accounts

Posted: 23 Jul 2018 12:31
by Nigel Howarth
Hi HappyCamper

Please do not post links to 'advertorials' promoting various companies.

There are many FX companies and you should do your research before deciding which one to use. Which? Money is a good place to start - reviews are independent and you can then look into each of the companies yourself.

Check out Compare the best money transfer exchange rates as well.

I notice that the cost of sending £1,000 from a UK to an EU account via Natwest is shown as £32.25 in the price comparison table. We use Natwest and I can assure you it only costs us £10.00 to send £2,200 to our Euro account with the Bank of Cyprus. I suspect the other figures quoted may be incorrect - and obviously designed to entice people to use the company.

I do not want people using this forum to be mis-lead - please think of them.

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