Documents the lawyer should have?

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Documents the lawyer should have?

Post by Andrey »

Hello All,

I posted a while ago what documents the lawyer we used to buy the property with should have on file for us. I didn't really get an answer for this but I actually received an answer from the lawyer in regards to these documents. I still would like to find out whether he should have them BY LAW because his email to me basically means "you have to find them from other people" which to me seems a bit silly. If he must have them by law I will continue pressing him to give those to me, but if not then I wouldn't want to start arguing of course:

I asked him whether he has the following on file, as I was told by an estate agent that he should:

1. Title Deed copy. Although it was not transferred to us as a part of the sale, apparently you would still have acquired a copy which would specify the size of the plot and its other specifications.

2. Copy of the ground plan of the whole of the Villa.

3. The Final Certificate of Approval.

And his reply was:

1. The contract of Sale was deposited at the District Land Registry Office at Paphos on 16/06/2006 for Specific performance purposes.
2. As I had been informed yesterday the Final Certificate of Approval was issued on 19th of January 2012 and posted but I don’t know to whom.
3. For any informations about Plans you can contact with Mr Yiannos Anastasiou who is the Architect of the Villa Tel. 25-746322.
4. Also you can contact with Mr XXX YYY on XXX-401310 . he is acting on behalf of the Vendors and is able to give you all the information you need. Also he can help you for the transferring of the ownership and how to mondernize the deed in order to be included the villa also.

I don't understand how he can 'not know to whom the Final Certificate of Approval was sent to' as he is a lawyer who must make sure that as his customer we should get all the relevant paperwork on completion. I also don't understand why he does not contact the relevant people himself to collect the paperwork for me. And finally why does he want me to contract the Vendors solicitors if he is supposed to be acting on my behalf to get all the correct documents.

Could somebody please help with an advice on what my rights are in this situation and whether I can go and tell him that he should do this for me.

Nigel Howarth
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Re: Documents the lawyer should have?

Post by Nigel Howarth »

Hi Andrey

All a lawyer would normally have in your file would be correspondence, agreements, receipts of invoices the firm has paid on your behalf, etc.

He wouldn't know about a Certificate of Final Completion, architectural plans, etc. (I got the plans for my house from our architect - all 32 pages of them).

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