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Need direction as to what to do.

Posted: 08 Aug 2013 09:33
by Bill
1 - I have title deeds from my parents in my name and need to satisfy the payment of upcoming taxes. I am based in US and cannot travel at this time. I have no viable relative or acquaintance to do this for me in Cyprus. I have a registration form to register with the Cyprus land office and establish contact information and identity as owner of the land under my deeds. I trust that this is the correct first step? What would be your best advice regarding payment in absentia?

2 - The other situation is that there are a number of deeds still in my deceased Mother's name. There is my brother, sister (deceased), and myself. What is the path to transferring these lands to our names? Are there attorneys that can help us remotely, at least at the start, to get the process under way?

Concerns: Will the new tax laws taking effect create a risk to our unresolved inheritance properties? If so, how are they at risk and what will we need to do to resolve this satisfactorily?

Thank you,