Secret Valley and all those Golf Courses will they ever get

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Secret Valley and all those Golf Courses will they ever get

Post by RayGun » 14 Jun 2008 19:00

Hi All lm Freddie,

l purchased a Villa at Secret Valley off plan in May 2006, was more or less finished on time in May 2008, inspected just before due date, many things not right, overall quality very poor, attention to detail what detail.
The price of everyday items in Cyprus is high, We upgraded many areas of Villa to get to international standard, We also changed the design of Villa which is a definate improvement so much so the Developer took our design, and changed their original design with not so much as a thank you.
The plot was changed without our knowledge and re orientated, too late now. We were charged interest on 1 payment due to being 1 day late, actually the banks fault.

In the 2 years since we purchased, there has been ZERO increase in the infrastructure, NOTHING, all the promises of shops restaurants beach bars have amounted to NOTHING.

1 year ago Tony Jacklin was signed up to build 2 new Golf Courses at Secret Valley, after an injection of cash from Dolphin Capital, but again nothing has happened. l understand that with the CRITICAL WATER SHORTAGE and the fact that the 14 or so Golf Course that were approved by the PREVIOUS govenrment its unlikely that many will be started.

What are your thoughts on this so called road being built to Polis from Pafos Airport, considering it has so far taken 3 years just to try and build 3 bridges in Limassol, l can't beleive this road will be operating anytime soon . Also the 2 Golf Courses at LIMINI by Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus, are they really going to be built?

Cyprus is well placed in the Med to do well, but the general lack of organisation, the prices and the time it takes to do anything, plus the crazy price of cars, and the Title Deeds what a joke that is, must be the only country in the world where it takes 2 years to prove you own a place. The people and the general lifestyle is lovely, but l fear that for another 2 hours in a plane and your in DUBAI may well turn out to be Cyprus's worst nightmare, l certainly hope not.

Anyway that will do for starters, any comments suggestions on the above much appretiated.

Cheers Freddie

Nigel Howarth
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Re: Secret Valley and all those Golf Courses will they ever get

Post by Nigel Howarth » 14 Jun 2008 23:36

Hi Freddie & welcome,

I'm afraid that some developers are only interested in building and selling property - as you may appreciate, they make no money by building roads, other infrastructure and facilities. The only thing you can do is wait and hope that something will get built. All you can realistically expect to be delivered is what's stated in your contract of sale - nothing more.

As for the Limassol/Paphos highway extension to Polis, I believe things have been delayed as the Government is cutting back on spending (I guess you may have read about them wanting to sell some of their gold reserves - and the 'discussion' with the Church over tax payments).

I really don't believe the planners think through the consequence of their ideas. There's a dire shortage of water on the island - further desalination plants were on the cards some years ago. But after a winter of above average rain, plans were shelved. After three years of above average rainfall, things returned to normal - and surprise, surprise, water is running out. Desal water is very expensive to produce and I hate to think what the green fees are likely to be on these 'international' standard courses (assuming they ever get built).

I can see the same thing happening with the marinas - I've been to the one outside the St. Raphael in Limassol. There's very little in the way of facilities and it's a good distance from local amenities. I would have though most people arriving at a marina by yacht would like to have a shower and freshen up, and walk along the quayside and pop into a restaurant for a bite to eat. The only thing they can pop into at the St. Raphael is a car park! We'll have to wait and see whether they make a better job of the others.


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Re: Secret Valley and all those Golf Courses will they ever get

Post by 1cyprusproperty » 31 Mar 2011 17:10

The recession is the main culprit here, as there were several phases of construction planned here culminating in the Venus Rock project. Alas the area is only fit for a long term investment over the next decade as I have advised several clients to buy here only as a long term investment. There are other issues why this project has not advanced, but we shall not list them publically. When the sales market in Cyprus starts to show its first decent improvement, any properties here will be worth holding on to. The period of fruition should be about 5 years after this.

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