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Hello Everyone

Post by Britwheeze »

Having been a long time voyeur of this forum I've finally bitten the bullet and joined in.

My partner Elaine and I are considering relocating lock stock and two cats, Willow and Lois, to Northern Cyprus very shortly and aim to rent before buying something that best suits our needs.

Having avidly watched events of the recent week regarding the political unrest I have a couple of questions that do not appear to getting any coverage or isn't being made available/addressed.

1. Has there or is it foreseen that property prices will have any dramatic shift?
2. Has or is it foreseen that any prolonged travel restrictions will be put in place that could affect tourism?

Thank you for the opportunity to join the forum


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Re: Hello Everyone

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Hi Britwheeze

You will not find any information relating to the purchase of property in the areas of Cyprus under Turkish occupation on this forum - I suspect you may be unaware of the political and moral issues.

I suggest that you read the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice on this subject - How to buy property in Cyprus - and also the (legitimate) Cyprus Government's warning -Caution regarding property purchases in the occupied area of Cyprus.

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