Valuations for IPT

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Valuations for IPT

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Hi all
I am a new member and I am relieved to be able to join an organisation that may help me on my journey of property ownership in Cyprus...what a minefield it ha turned out to be,!
Can anybody please tell me ...
If my apartment was only built in 2008, how do I find out what my valuation is so I can figure out how much IPT I am liable for...? The only tables I can find is relating to values in 1980..

Many thanks in advance

Nigel Howarth
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Re: Valuations for IPT

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Hello Monica and welcome to the forum.

Immovable Property Tax is set to change this year and will be based on 2013 values. We don't know yet what the rates will be but your liability should be approximately the same as last year.

If you have the deeds for the apartment, it's 1980 value will be shown - but if the deeds were produced in the last could of year they will show the 2013 valuation.

If you don't know the 2013 valuation you can follow my guide at ... id=0018025

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