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Another sucker

Posted: 11 Oct 2013 12:51
by childeric

I am an Australian married to a Cypriot woman

In 1996 we purchased an apartment in Pafos and were told that we would get the deeds in a few months (!)

We returned to Aust and an estate agent rented out the apt for us until 2008 when they ceased the arrangement

We then engaged a British-run management company

My wife returned to Cyprus this year and went to check on the apt.

The management co. had closed down

She found the apt. being renovated by a property developer who told her that he owned it!

The sale documents we signed in 1996 had not been lodged at the Land Registry

She approached the estate agent who had sold it to us and he offered her our money back less taxes which came to (have a guess) - Euros 0.0!

How can we pay the taxes for a property that they tell us is not ours?

We want our money back!

Re: Another sucker

Posted: 11 Oct 2013 20:53
by Nigel Howarth
Hello childeric and welcome to the forum.

What a mess!

I don't believe you'll be able to sort this out without the help of a decent lawyer. Even though your contract of sale was not deposited at the Land Registry, it is still valid.

The British High Commission publishes a list of lawyers that may be able to help you at ... mplate.pdf

I expect you will need to discharge the lawyer who originally represented you back in 1996 so that your 'new' lawyer can act on your behalf.