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Where to find Aerated Concrete?

Posted: 04 Nov 2012 22:08
by ctase
I'm trying to replace an very old floor made or wood with a laminate floor. The main issue is that the existing damaged wood floor is sitting on some wood beams of about 5-6 cm above the concrete floor so I need to fill that 6-8 cm of existing floor with something else. I was thinking on Aerated Concrete as I read in the past Nigel building his home this way. Does anybody knows some company/contractor that can do this for 1 room (~15m2) for start and what is the cost for it ( for filling the floor with aerated concrete)?
Also if there are other alternatives I'm very interested (that are better quality and cheaper).


Re: Where to find Aerated Concrete?

Posted: 05 Nov 2012 00:59
by Nigel Howarth
Hi Constantin

I think the company that supplied my aerated concrete was Betofoam - see .