Timber frame house

Building a custom home in Cyprus
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Timber frame house

Post by god55 » 01 Jan 2009 14:38

Although I have completed plans for a conventional concrete/brick villa and have permission to build, I am now seriously considering a Timber Frame kit type villa. The reason is two fold, 1) Reduced construction time. 2) Cost.
Although I am able to find numerous companies offering this service in most of Europe and the USA I have failed to find any that either ship to Cyprus or any manufactures within Cyprus that offer this service.
My Questions are.
i) Are my reasons (See above) valid in Cyprus?
ii) Are there reasons why Timber Frame houses should NOT be considered in Cyprus?
iii) Does anyone know of any companies that IMPORT and erect pre-made and or bespoke Timber Frame homes to Cyprus?
iv) Does anyone know if any companies exist within Cyprus that MANUFACTURE and supply pre-made/bespoke Timber Frame homes?
v) Has anyone any experience of this type of construction in Cyprus?
vi) Should I find a company outside of Cyprus that is willing to ship to the island, would anyone know if there are builders on the island that are willing to erect the kit i.e. construct the foundations/base, walls services etc?
vii) Would I need the services of an Architect, Civil Engineer for the base and external brick/block walls prior to purchase and or manufacture of the kit?
viii) Would I need the service of an Architect, Civil Engineer during the construction phase of the project?

I am assuming that the planning/building regulations are the same for Timber Frame homes as they are for Concrete/brick constructed properties.
If any one has any observations on any of my question I would be extremely grateful to hear there comments.


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Re: Timber frame house

Post by Nigel Howarth » 01 Jan 2009 15:42

Hello Garry,

Timber frame will be quicker to build and you should save yourself some money. But bear in mind that timber frame construction is relatively new in Cyprus and that some of the companies that offer houses have little experience. So make sure you visit homes that they've built and check with their owners that everything's OK.

There was a company here that manufactured SIP houses in Cyprus, but that went belly-up a couple of years ago.

The other companies that offer timber frame import them directly from the country of manufacture - or import the materials from the timber frame supplier and manufacture locally. These can be of a 'standard' design or bespoke to suit your requirements.

If you want a timber frame house, I suggest you talk to some of the companies that offer timber frame homes. These will have their own architects and construction engineers. They will also sub-contract parts of the work to different contractors.

Take a look at http://www.cyprustimberframe.com/ there are a number of timber-frame companies listed.

There are a couple of things you need to be wary of - as I mentioned earlier there are a number of companies offering timber-frame homes - make sure you check them out properly and that you are satisfied with the quality of the product and their workmanship. The cost of insuring a timber-frame home can be considerably more than the cost of insuring a concrete and brick construction.


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