Wooden Kit home building permit

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Wooden Kit home building permit

Post by Frankie108 » 21 Jun 2019 10:18

I am planning on buying a wooden kit home and constructing this on a plot that I own. The building is 70sqm and the plot is 8,500m2. It will sit on a concrete base, no foundations are needed.
In my thinking, this would be a moveable property, and although I understand that a permit is needed, I’m hoping that it would not be as stringent as with a brick and mortar immovable property, whereby I need architectural plans (we have the plans as supplied by the company) or need to do topology reports.

Has anyone had experience with this type of building that can advise?

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Re: Wooden Kit home building permit

Post by Nigel Howarth » 21 Jun 2019 19:39

Hi Frankie and welcome to the forum

A couple of friends have timber frame homes that sat on concrete slabs - they are not classed as movable property because for one thing they have to fixed to the slab; they're permanent structures. You'll need to apply for a building permit and planning permission before you go ahead.

You cand further details of what you'll need at http://www.businessincyprus.gov.cy/mcit ... enDocument

I don't know whether the planning criteria are less stringent than a concrete/brick build, but you will have to supply architectural plans and (I think) static drawings.

I see you have a large plot - agricultural? You'll need to check with your architect or the planning authorities. Only licensed contractors can build property.


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