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Hi everyone

Could anyone give me a bit of an insight into Tala and is it a good place to buy re-sale?


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Re: Tala

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Hi Sue

Tala, like many other popular places in Cyprus, is quite developed and there are many holiday homes as well as residential properties in the area. And I have no doubt that there is plenty of resale property on the market.

Whether it's a "good place to buy" depends very much on your individual needs, aspirations, likes, dislikes, etc - and whether you're planning to buy a permanent home or a holiday home.

If you plan on buying a permanent home, I always advise potential buyers to rent somewhere for six to twelve months before taking the plunge. This will give you sufficient time to explore what's available, see whether you like living here, find out how it will cost you to live here, talk with others living here, and hunt out your "good place to buy".

Unfortunately, many people rush headlong into buying without considering the wider issues of living in a foreign country. Some people can't stand the place, others find they've bought in the wrong place and move to somewhere else on the island more to their liking, others find their family ties are too great and sell up and go back to the UK.

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