Beware Scam E-mail

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Beware Scam E-mail

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There appears to be an e-mail scam for those of us who are trying to sell and have put the property details on various websites. I received an e-mail supposedly from a US Medical officer serving in Afghanistan ( he is a real person and his identity copied) offering to buy the house unseen. Being of a suspicious nature, I asked for further details and received the e-mail below. Needless to say I will not be taking up the offer!!!!

I totally agree with your arrangement,but there are restrictions here,
another problem right now is that the money that i made through oil
deals,is exactly the same money that will be used to pay for yourused
property.If we could work together and you being very sincere with
me,i shall give you 20 percent of the total sum,including the amount
for your property.

The money will be delivered via diplomatic means,since you have
military experiences,you should know that i can't handle such an
amount of money due to my job, 13.7m usd. If you could be trusted,i
shall send the money to you and you must follow my directives for
success,as this discussion must be kept in utmost confidentiality and
what is the final price of your property,based on how i made this
money,i can't reveal
it to my colleagues,if you have a bit of military experience,you
should understand better.

Thanks for your ususal co-operation.
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