Antonis Ioannides Developers Limited gone bust

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Antonis Ioannides Developers Limited gone bust

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Hi, am I along with others on the road to hell?? :-! I have no concrete evidence yet what will happen. The first meeting was held last week in Nicosia with the creditors.

I have my lawyer on the case, so I hope to be able to post in the not to distance future.

I have in my possession 41 pages of mortgaged properties in the name of the company, and a further bundle of mortgaged properties in his sole name. If you bought a property from this company, you need to find out what maybe owing to the bank of Cyprus, if you email me with your details, I will see if your name is on the search documents I have, if you are I can send you a copy by email.

I know there are a large number of properties mortgaged in Pissouri, 2 in Paphos.

Regards Roger Snelling (Pissouri)
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