Electricity prices and possible meters coin operated?

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Electricity prices and possible meters coin operated?

Post by thelma65 »

hi - i have had some silly bills come through for electric
and i want to explore the option of adding electric meters (coin operated ) into my properties?
Has anyone done this ?
where can i go to get them ?

costs ?

im in Pyla - larnaca area so any advise would be appreciated :lol:
Nigel Howarth
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Re: Electricity prices and possible meters coin operated?

Post by Nigel Howarth »

Hi thelma65

As far as I am aware, coin-operated electricity metres are not available in Cyprus.

Check out the Cyprus Electricity Authority's website.

We are all having to pay very high electricity bills due to:

(a) high levels of CO2 emissions (due to fuel being used to generate power) resulting in a 'fine' from the EU.

(b) the lunatics running the asylum decided to store 98 containers of munitions next to the Island largest power station. These exploded destroying the power station and we all having to pay for their incompetence.

Coin-operated metres are not appropriate - we'd need ones that accept €500 notes!

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