Financial Ombudsman

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Financial Ombudsman

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Hi Nigel,

I hope your well. Can you tell me who is the Financial Ombudsman in Cyprus as I intend making an official complaint against my bank.
If you have any further details on how to go about thiis it would be most helpful also.

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Re: Financial Ombudsman

Post by Pantheman »

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Unless the post has been taken up, Cyprus does not have a Financial Ombudmans. However, the government agreed to open usch a post, see here. ... d%3D005317

Good luck, let us know if you make any progress.

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Re: Financial Ombudsman

Post by JaneDoe »

Depending on the nature of claim, you could also consider European Consumer Centre of Cyprus or The debtors association (which was established in Cyprus last year) (in greek) (email: / tel: 25746565)
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