council tax v municipality tax

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council tax v municipality tax

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I am selling up in Cyprus .

I have just been told by my lawyer that in our absence he has paid taxes due to the municipality for this year of 185,23 euros
I did this in September this year before we left at 170 Euros and have the recepit. Before I politely bring this to his attention and send a scanned copy of the receipt...

IPT has ended and my payments are up to date .Please tell me there isnt another tax Im unaware of?

Im hoping the Sotira Municipality tax is the same as council tax?

I am aware that Municipality tax covers "rubbish collection, street lighting and other local services" even though we dont have street lighting nor any other service as I have since found our street is a private one.
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Re: council tax v municipality tax

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There is a local property tax in addition to the charge for rubbish collection, etc. I expect this is €185.23 - but without seeing the actual documents, I can't confirm.

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