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Land purchase

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In the near future i will be coming back to cyprus to live and would like to buy some land for permanent residency and also would like to import some cabins/yurts and/or pods to put on the land as tourist rentals.
I have been researching and planning for the past couple of years and depending on the zone, and the area and build percentage will ultimately depend on how many i can build/install.
These installations are British approved by the building regulatory and are suitable for on or off-grid living or rentals.
My research and feasibility study is nearly complete and all that is left to do is to buy the land in Cyprus.

Do i need to purchase residential land or could i purchase non residential if the installations are 100% off-grid?

Would i need to employ the services of an architect for the layout of each installation or would i need a solicitor to see if i’m allowed to build such a thing on the land i intend to buy? Or would i need both at the same time?

I would be using solar to power everything and waste tanks for the sewage.

I thank you for your time

Chris Christophi
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