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Damage from Penthouse veranda

Posted: 05 Aug 2020 15:02
by ZoeM
I live in a block of 13 apartments and my flat is on the first floor above one of the Penthouses. My property (along with others on the first floor) is suffering due to the state of the Penthouse verandas. This has been happening for sometime and the water/damp damage has caused serious structural issues, which is getting progressively worse. Insurance companies have been and inspected (there is an issue starting in the communal corridor) and submitted reports stating that it's damage from the verandas.

We finally got the Committee to pay for an independent structural Engineer to inspect the building. The outcome was that the Penthouse verandas were not constructed with any membrane/damp proofing. The owners of the Penthouses are refusing to acknowledge this. Unfortunately, the Committee has disbanded. Myself, along with other owners who are impacted feel that we need to proceed independently. Can anyone share any information or give any advice? I appreciate any help. Thank you.