Living on Agricultural Land

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Living on Agricultural Land

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It was always our dream to live totally off the grid and for that Agricultural Land would work best. The problem i'm finding in Cyprus is that it is basically impossible to get a building permit for a small cabin on Agricultural Land.

My questions are the following:
- Are there any exceptions if you do not wish to get connected to the electrical grid and water system to still get a permit?
- What is classified as immovable property in Cyprus? What about mobile homes? What about Caravans? What about Containerhomes?
- Are there any exceptions for building without a building permit? (certain size/ criteria to be met/ ...)
- Basically is there a way to still live on Agricultural Land legally??? Like parking a caravan or a mobile home there?

We would love to be in the wild with a little Cabin and enough Land to grow our own Fruits and vegetables just before going that route we'd like to know how to accomplish it and how the legal aspects look like for this!
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