Building on Agricultural land

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Building on Agricultural land

Post by TerryAshton » 10 Apr 2019 15:25

I have had a plot of land in Cyprus for 10 years and have been told that whilst there was a 10% build allowance at the time of buying, the law changed last year where building is no longer allowed on agricultural land. Can you advise if this is true?

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Re: Building on Agricultural land

Post by Pantheman » 10 Apr 2019 16:47


the law didn't change, but is being more rigorously enforced. Your land still has the 10% build, but this does not mean you can just build on it. There are many criteria to satisfy and even then it may get refused.

Without going through all of the criteria (there are other posts on here that explain this), in the first instance, best to go to the planning department and ask there to get some idea. They cannot give you any official response, but you might get them to give you some directions.

Good Luck.

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