Types of Title Deeds

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Types of Title Deeds

Post by Sailorpete » 03 Mar 2019 19:42

When reviewing listings of houses and villas for sale, the property descriptions will often state one of the following: "Full Title Deed" or "Title Deed Available" or "Title Deed on Land". What do these different terms mean? In some cases, the property description states nothing regarding Title Deeds. What can one infer from the absence of any reference to Title Deeds?

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Re: Types of Title Deeds

Post by Nigel Howarth » 03 Mar 2019 23:32

Hi sailorpete

"Full Title Deed" means the Title Deed is complete – it includes the land and the dwelling/building, the assessed value of the property for taxation purposes.

"Title Deed Available" means the Title Deed is complete (as above) but its purchaser hasn't paid the Property Transfer Fees to secure undisputed legal ownership of the property.

"Title Deed on Land" means the Title Deed only includes the land; the dwelling that is built on the land has not been added. Possible reasons for this are that the Town Planning Department has yet to inspect the dwelling/dwelling to ensure it complies with the approved plans and permits issued for its construction – or the dwelling/building has been inspected and the file has been handed to the Land Registry to add the building/dwelling to the deed. (Note that if the dwelling/building suffers from planning irregularities/infringements the Town Planning Department will issue a 'Certificate of Unauthorised Works'. In this case, it's likely that a 'full Title Deed' will be issued, but the purchaser will be prevented from selling/mortgaging the property until the planning irregularities/infringements have been rectified.

If the ad makes no reference to Title Deed, the chances are the property has yet to be issued with a deed. This happens when a plot of land is sub-divided into smaller plots – units are then built on each plot and (eventually) a Title Deed is issued once inspected and approved by the Planning Department. It also occurs when a block of apartments is sub-divided into individual units.

Your safest bet is to buy a property with a "Full Title Deed". You must have the title checked by a lawyer before handing over money or signing any papers.


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