Buying a house in Souni

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Buying a house in Souni

Post by Flora » 08 May 2018 17:37

I have seen a lovely wooden house in Souni but have several concerns and would appreciate some direction regarding where to research for more information.
My concerns are:
1. There is the Title Deed issue. Apparently the seller has paid in full for the property. However, the house behind and 3 houses across all stand empty for the same reason; namely no Title Deeds. The seller assures the agent it is " in progress", but after having read many many articles I am very concerned.What can I do to ensure I would get full unencumbered Deeds?
2. During the winter months, a river apparently flows down alongside of the house from the snow fall. That struck concern. The last thing I would want is my dream home been washed away due to no Town Planning being adhered to. How and where will I find information about this to resolve this?
3.Being wood; again apparently built by a Canadian company; what advice if any regarding beetle infestation, stability etc would be appreciated.
There is further a leak in the roof, and I would like an expert to inspect this. Again, if I can be directed to who would be best to supply me with independent advice.

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Re: Buying a house in Souni

Post by Nigel Howarth » 09 May 2018 09:32

Hello Flora and welcome to the forum.

The first thing you need to do is instruct a lawyer to act on your behalf (see the note in red at the foot of the page.) The British High Commission in Nicosia publishes a list of English-speaking lawyers that you can find at List of lawyers in the Republic of Cyprus and I suggest you instruct one of them. (I know the firm of L.G. Zambartas very well - they are doing some work for me as we speak.)

The lawyer will be able to check whether there are any issues with the deed, such as unpaid debts, and whether planning permission and building have been issued.

I suggest that you also read my Property buyers’ check-list.

Regarding the river - I doubt that the planning authority will have taken this into account when issuing permits. They focus on the plans for the house not the environment (they don't visit the site until after the property's been built).

As far as I am aware there are no Canadian building companies in Cyprus. I expect the timber was imported from Canada and the house was built by a local developer or building contractor. The only company I know of in Limassol that builds timber homes is 'The Ideal Wooden House' I know nothing about the company.

The roof shouldn't leak! My house has a wooden roof and we've been living in it for 16 years - no sign of any leaks in the roof. The roof is constructed of marine-grade OSB (oriented strand board) on which the roof felt has been laid and finally the roof batons and tiles. I'm sure the lawyer knows someone who can check this out for you. (I'll send you a private message with a civil engineer I know who may be able to help.)

On the plus side timber homes have better insulation properties than the concrete and brick variety, but they are susceptible to attack by termites if the wood hasn't been treated and they have an increased fire risk, which pushes up the cost of insurance.


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