Change of use of storeroom

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Change of use of storeroom

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We have a property, title deeds included.
We had always had the thought of making the storeroom attached to our apartment(which we also own) into a bedroom,so once we got our title deeds we started to develop this idea.

Our Cyprus solicitor put us in touch with an architect who has had all the papers from us to initiate the first part of the process. After much deliberation the local planning department has come back to them today and not in a positive way. According to the architect they have said the following:

'Presently they said, they cannot say for sure if they would grant such a permit because they need to apply to lands department for consultation procedure to reconfirm the co-ownership rights. This can be done only once an official application is submitted, which must be signed by you (for now).

But they said that it is likely for them to demand written consent by all the owners of the complex and all owners would need to sign the application for planning permit. This is because any changes in the complex affects all owners’ rights. If this was in one plot with a house owned only by you then there would be no problem.'

We would not have thought that the introduction of a door from our hall into another room and the building of a stud wall warrants the written consent of all the other owners on the complex. If we had thought this we would have had serious thoughts about the process. There would be no change to the exterior of the building.
Is this a common thing or is it because we want to change the use of the store room?

any advice would be much appreciated.
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