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Title Deeds Discount

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Hi Nigel,

We paid for our deeds in December 2015 in Paphos.

The cost was discounted by 50 %.

I see from another thread hat the discount should have been offered at 60 % ?

Do i have any recourse to claim the extra amount ?

Many Thanks
Nigel Howarth
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Re: Title Deeds Discount

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Hi villaowner

The 10% discount applies to successful applications under the 'trapped buyers'/'hidden mortgage' law. See http://www.news.cyprus-property-buyers. ... id=0096019

"In cases where an application is successful, the purchaser will be requested to pay the Property Transfer Fees within 60 days of a notice to transfer the property. If the purchaser pays within the 60 days they will be entitled to a 10% reduction in the transfer fees or pay the transfer fees in 12 monthly instalments."

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