stamp for an individual, on rental agreement

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Re: stamp for an individual, on rental agreement

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(I think that it is better to remove some personal / private details of the persons involved; the forum is accessible to anyone and this may take the form of publicity)
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Re: stamp for an individual, on rental agreement

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A good reply Nigel.

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Re: stamp for an individual, on rental agreement

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I do not agree. I believe that all such cheating must be opened, that other people who read the Forum will find names and make conclusions. All documented truth must be opened.
The rental agent should loose license.
The flat owner should be questioned - maybe he is sick if he keeps 600 EUR from other person. It is understandable by healthy human mind. I do not go to card games with him. I go to normal contract which must be fairly written and fairly conducted.

I lost 10 days and 600 EUR because of not properly organized things.

Additional 10-20 days loss comes now, because i have no prepared flat and can not earn now from sub-renting for tourists. By my plan i should be sub-renting flat from 4-5th October. Now i would be spending only 2-5 hours per day for tourism and earning. i have no time for searching for another flat.

After these 20 days October finishes, season finishes and i have no collected good references from my tenants-tourists. Thus it is impossible to start business on December and everything postpones until March in the worst case = remain without income for 6 months. Maybe the case will not be the worst and i manage tourism later.

Everything is because of irresponsible people and because of people who damages thinking, which is another story.

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