silence from bank

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silence from bank

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the bank of cyprus took action against over £40k mortgage debt back in 2014, we came home from work one night in the uk to find two large envelopes on our door mat.
i phoned the cyprus contact and she said it would take a payment of £25k for them to suspend proceedings against us, we raised this money through family and no further action was taken.
we spent the next 4 years throwing money at it but the debt got larger due to compound interest, we then cotacted a guy in cyprus to help us get the title deeds in 2018, a guy called Hovig Topilan who my brother in law recommended, we sent everything he asked for and he said it was a long process and we would have to be patient, no money was sent, the problem concerning him is that the trail has gone cold, he's not replying to our emails,
structuraly the house has been a nightmare, subsiding pool, eco drain system nobody can fix, solar panels failing after 2 years, the list is endless, all paid by us, hence the debt piling up.

so my 2 main questions are.... why are the bank of cyprus not chasing us for approx £100K debt especially when they've chased us in the past for the original smaller debt, i did send an email to them stating my intention on obtaining the title deeds in early 2018.
if this Hovig guy has started our application for deeds how would we find out ?

thanks, Scott
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