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Post by DavidHamlington » 18 May 2020 17:12

Hi Everyone, I was looking for some help please. I have been at loggerheads with BOC (bank of Cyprus) for years now. After my divorce and 12 years paying my mortgage I needed to transfer things to my sole name. The fees they tried to charge were horrendous and meant a new mortgage. I couldn’t afford to pay them but it made me look at the charges that were made. I found a company to investigate in Paphos and found overcharging of €32’000. As the mortgage was €114k and a recent valuation was €200k I felt in a good position to negotiate this.

I have now been told I need to pay the €95k towards Mortgage As they are not interested in helping me restructure as it’s not my no 1 resistance or they will keep my property with title deeds to cover the amount. Only other option I have is to sell the property in pissouri and pay the money after or find another mortgage company All these option take time!. As we are in lockdown in England I don’t know where to start with a new mortgage company and how it works with all paperwork etc. Does anyone have any help or experience or a contact that could help me please?

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Re: Remortgage

Post by Nigel Howarth » 19 May 2020 20:42

Hi David and welcome to the forum.

The banks want their pound of flesh! They're all the same.

Do you have a lawyer acting on your behalf to sort this out for you?


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Re: Remortgage

Post by Pantheman » 20 May 2020 12:10

Hello David,

sorry to hear about your issues, but the Bank will try any tactic to get the most out of people.

There is no magic wand unfortunately, you really need someone to negotiate on your behalf on this matter, as I have found from experience the home owner does not get very far in these cases.

If you don't have any lawyer acting for you, I can pass you onto the law firm we use to do the negotiating.

All the best

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