roof - water ingress

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roof - water ingress

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hi Hassapis built our complex back in 2007
ever since year 1 we have had water ingress though the ceiling in our bedroom-
i have had an independent company look at this - and they seem to think that the roof terrace above (penthouse apt)
where their water drains away the drain pipe is embedded into the concrete roof that runs directly across our bedroom ceiling
they seem to think that it eaither was poorly glued together in the first place or was never glued/ fixed together in the firtst place
hence when it rains the water leaks stright into our bedroom.
this has been ongoing for 4 years now and i seem to be getting no where
im constantly emailing the builders hassapis - but i get a standard response we will look into it - but as to yet nothing is happening

where do i stand on this ?
any ideas how or what i can do to get them to take this seriusly
it is really affecting my rentals as i cannot rent out in winter due to bad weather my guests will get soaked!!!

please help me ?
Nigel Howarth
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Re: roof - water ingress

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Dear thelma,

Please see my earlier reply to this question at ... f=18&t=646

If you informed the developer in writing of the problem within a year of taking delivery, he may be required to fix the problem - check in your contract of sale.

Nigel Howarth
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