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charging communal sqm

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 00:25
by rollwithit
Hi Nigel,

I trust you are keeping well and thanks again for your advice which is much appreciated.

Our committee is finally sorting our on-going issues out and may be taking charge of our complex soon.
They intend registering the committee with the Land registry and setting the fees.

I understand that the fees must be charged per sqm in Cyprus. Is there any 'legal' way around this. ie. if the owners vote
in a meeting to pay on a price per bedroom basis would that be legal?

re: Your last advice and information regarding lifts. This was very helpful and we found out that it is not a legal requirement to service lifts on a monthly basis. It is at the discretion of the entity or person responsible for their upkeep. I received this in writing. Thank you


Re: charging communal sqm

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 09:00
by Nigel Howarth
Hi rollwithit and thanks for your comments.

As far as I am aware, there is no way around the sq.m. basis for fee charging - this is set in the law. What you can change are the regulations that govern the running of the management committee.