Change names on Title Deeds

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Change names on Title Deeds

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Hi, my sister and I have a small complex house in Cyprus and after 8 years the deeds are close to being issued. A contract was given to the Land Registry with mine and my sisters names but now when the deeds do come to be issued can we change the names to go on the deeds to me and my wife instead of my sister ? We were hoping to go to the Land Registry and say the name changes at a cost of zero , or is it not as simple as that ?
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Re: Change names on Title Deeds

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Hi Stevey40 and welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately it isn't as easy as that - there will be transfer fees involved.

One possible way to avoid a second lot of transfer fees would be for your sister to use an assignment/vesting contract to transfer her rights and obligations under the contract to your wife.

You can read more about this type of contract in the Department of Lands and Surveys Citizens Charter (pages 53 & 54).

BUT you will have to act BEFORE the Title Deeds are issued - and you will need the help of a lawyer to prepare the contract - check out ... lators.pdf

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