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Title Deeds, Paschalis and Judicare

Posted: 16 May 2019 19:27
by kirby
Hi all, apologies if I am posting in the wrong section of the forum.

I have several questions and any help would be gratefully received.

Title Deeds - our lawyer started acting for us to get our title deeds back in 2016. (Off plan property bought 2007 and building completed 2010). I know Title Deeds can take a long time to get and know the developer also has got do something so they can be released. So I have been waiting.

I have tried to contact the developer - Paschalis - and their website is gone, emails not answered and phone is not being answered. Have they gone in to liquidation? if so, how does this affect getting the title deeds please?

Thirdly, am considering using Judicare so I can get rid of this albatross around my neck - has anyone on the forum used them please? (Please PM with comments).

Thanks all, any help would be appreciated.

Re: Title Deeds, Paschalis and Judicare

Posted: 17 May 2019 08:54
by Nigel Howarth
Hi Kirby

I've checked the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver database and A.S.P. & K. PASCHALI DEVELOPERS LIMITED are shown as 'active' - so it seems they are still in business.

Presumably you instructed your lawyer to apply for your Title Deeds - see Applying for Title Deeds? I suggest you contact him/her to see what's happening.

You cannot appoint different lawyers to act on your behalf on the same subject. So if you wanted to use Judicare or any other firm, you would need to instruct your present lawyer that you no longer wished them to act on your behalf, pay whatever you owe them, and collect your file.

I know that Judicare and some of the other firms helping clients with Swiss Franc loans have negotiated settlements with the banks.


Re: Title Deeds, Paschalis and Judicare

Posted: 17 May 2019 09:59
by kirby
Dear Nigel, thanks so, so much for your kind help.

I am relieved that PAschalis are still in business!

I’ll chase my lawyer on the title deeds, thank you.

Also, noted on Judicare.

Thank you so, so much.