Replacement for IPT

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Replacement for IPT

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Can anyone tell me what is replacing IPT and will it be through the Tax office or from local village/town halls?
thank you.

PS Have a good holiday Nigel.
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Re: Replacement for IPT

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No ones knows the answer to this question.

We just have to wait and see how they reconfigure the property tax law.
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Re: Replacement for IPT

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Hi hinuk

I flew back to Cyprus (via Moscow) from Uzbekistan yesterday - still recovering!

There are no plans to replace the annual Immovable Property Tax paid to the Government via the Tax Office.

But you will still pay a local property tax to your Community/Municipality. I paid my Community just before I went on holiday - I can't remember how much I paid but I know it was less than the € 120.00 I paid last year.

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